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Software and resources

Besides all the neccessary tools, this is also a must have to be able to understand, diagnose and repair logic boards

FlexBV - board view software

This is absolutely a must have piece of software created by Paul Daniels, a repair technician and a programmer from Australia

We can call it a sort of a map for the electronic logic boards, it allows me to identify and find components in the schematic files. The components aren't labeled in any way when they are soldered onto the logic board

Schematic files

I am able to find schematics for basically all of the MacBook models(this is caused by a high demand)
Lets say those pdf files fell of a truck somewhere near a apple factory in China

Apple and 99% of other manufacturers and brands do not supply the schematics, they do not want people fixing their devices, it is much more profitable to discard old and broken stuff, and then keep selling new devices

These files are basically a documentation on how the logic board is build, how the chips and circuits work and communicate with each other.

Contrary to what Apple says - no, this is not nearly enough to build a MacBook by yourself or anything like that


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